Our Services

Evergreen Enterprises offers a gamut of services that cater to a very diverse range of industries. Below is a glimpse of the services we provide and what industries they can be utilized in.

Grouting is the process of injecting cement or relevant chemicals into the substrate, to fill voids. Grouting is used for soil stabilization, treatment of leakages inside tunnels and for strengthening soil bearing capacity. Different methods include Curtain Grouting, Consolidation Grouting, Permeation Grouting and TAM Grouting. Industries that extensively use this service are Infrastructure Construction and Mining.

Grouting means to fill gaps in walls or inject the wall with the help of a fluid form of concrete called grout used in Soil Stabilization, strengthening soil bearing capacity, treatment in leakage inside tunnels, in construction to embed rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of precast concrete, fill voids, seal joints such as hose between tiles.

Evergreen Geotech Enterprises offers a wide variety of grouting services including contact grouting, consolidation grouting, pre-excavation grouting, chemical grouting, water cut-off, permeation grouting, grout curtains. We have experience performing grouting with numerous grout types, allowing us to apply our grouting services to virtually all geologic settings.

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