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Evergreen Enterprises offers a gamut of services that cater to a very diverse range of industries. Below is a glimpse of the services we provide and what industries they can be utilized in.

Ground Anchor is a device that is designed to support structures and is used in geotechnical and construction applications. It can be referred to as a percussion driven Soil anchor, Rock bolt and Cable anchor.

Ground Anchor is a device that is designed to support structures as in Slope Stabilization & Earth Retaining Structures used in a wide range of ground conditions in comparatively less time with very little impact on the Environment in the event of an elevated groundwater table or expansive soils to resist overturning or sliding forces in dam stability projects.

Ground Anchor are generally installed into already-drilled boreholes, some are self-driving, and grouted into place. Depending on the ground conditions boreholes are drilled by rotary method and rotary percussive rigs or dug using down-the-hole hammers and augers technique. Temporary Anchors can be used for a span of 2 years or less then can be De-tensioned & removed, whereas Multi-strand anchors are post-tensioned after installation.

Ground Anchors

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