Our Services

Evergreen Enterprises offers a gamut of services that cater to a very diverse range of industries. Below is a glimpse of the services we provide and what industries they can be utilized in.

Dewatering is a method of removal of groundwater or surface water from a waterbed, construction site, caisson, or mine shaft, by pumping. It is executed before subsurface excavation for foundations, shoring, or cellar space to lower the water table, and involves the use of submersible “dewatering” pumps, centrifugal pumps or application of vacuum to well points. Industries that extensively use this service are Infrastructure Construction Segments.


Evergreen Geotech provides Dewatering System in the construction market, which includes supply, Installation, operation, removal and abandonment of the dewatering equipment in order to make dewatering easier. Whether your works are a planned bypass project or an emergency response requirement, We have a broad selection of pumps that can handle any flow requirement. We respond to any level of emergency and will have your emergency situation under control and giving you peace of mind. We also maintain a well balanced fleet of generators to assist you with your power generation needs.

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